Missing teeth certainly affect your appearance, but they can also make eating a chore. And if not replaced, empty spaces in your smile can make you appear older than you are and even shift remaining teeth out of place. By replacing your teeth with dentures from Premier Dental in Bordentown, NJ with Dr. Hema Gopal, your facial structure will improve, you can return to eating normally, and you can smile with full confidence!

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Finding The Right Dentures For You

Dr. Hema Gopal will work with you to determine which dentures can best enhance your smile. Our options include:

Creating Your Custom Dentures

Using the latest patient-friendly technology, top-notch Bordentown, NJ dentist Dr. Gopal can fit you with a denture to replace a few or even all of your teeth. Here’s how it works!

Once you have your new denture, we’ll provide all the advice you need to keep them in great shape. They can be easily removed to clean and can last for years!

Transform Your Smile With Dentures!

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