Patient Testimonials

If Premier Dental’s patients didn’t mean the world to Dr. Gopal, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

We’re proud to know that our patients feel the same about our Bordentown, NJ practice as we do. We work hard to provide the best dental care possible, and our time spent in the office with each patient is a joy.

When you come to Premier Dental, you make our team happy because we get to make you happy. Providing excellent care so you can enjoy your smile is the reason we come to work each day.

We invite you to check out some of our patients’ testimonials, then call us at 609-298-1124 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with us today!

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Dr. Gopal heads an excellent team!!

Roberta Adams

My first visit to Premier was great from entry to exit! Personable, kind, and caring staff. And Dr. Gopal's knowledge is addition to her patience and kindness with her patients.

Kim Davis

After this process (the Six Month Smiles), I have a new sense of confidence about my smile. Today, I find myself openly smiling more to people I encounter every day! There is only one regret; I should have done it sooner. Thank you to Dr. Gopal and her amazing staff.

Ariana E.

Dr. Gopal and every individual in the office were very friendly. They made the experience very pleasant, and that is saying a lot coming from me as I am incredibly anxious about dental visits. I recently had a cleaning which was very easy and straightforward, then I returned for a filling. The entire process was so punctual, quick, and relatively painless (I only say “relatively” because I would be a liar if I said the initial numbing shot wasn’t at least quick pinch- but truly it was nothing more than just that). I was honestly surprised when I was all done because it felt like it flew by! If you have an skepticism about trying this practice out, I would encourage you to read the reviews. All the positivity about Premiere Dental speaks for itself. I can confidently say that while I’m sure I will still be anxious to some degree about future dental appointments, I feel much more comfortable and at ease than I ever have and for that I am very grateful!

Shelby N.

“I’m always greeted as a welcome friend. This is the friendliest office I’ve ever been in. And I’ve been in several… due to my frequent travels.”

George J.

The best “I can’t wait to freakin go back. Best part of my day. It was uber awesome!!”

Steve S.

I am very pleased with the results from the Six Month Smiles procedure.
Thank you very much.

Nancy P.

“Everybody is nice at Premier Dental. My bridge feels original, like it had always been there. I am happy with the high quality of service that I receive from everyone at Premier Dental. Dr. Gopal is a gentle dentist.”

William C.

“I think I know a lot about dentists and their staffs, having spent a major part of my childhood – and for that matter my adulthood – in dentist chairs in at least four countries. Dr. Gopal and her staff show themselves to be truly professional and friendly in their dealing with patients.”

Father Joe D.

“Thank you…you made my 1st visit…after 15years…very comfortable. Everyone is so nice in your office. I will strongly recommend Premier Dental to all my friends. Thanks again!”

Kyle B.

“I decided to change dentists once again since I was not really satisfied with my previous dentist. I ended up having an emergency and called Dr.Gopal’s office and they were nice enough to immediately set up an appointment for me. I figured I would try this office and if not satisfied move on to another. Well, to my surprise I was greeted by an extra friendly, caring and professional staff…of course the same goes for Dr. Gopal. I have been treated by a few dentists in my lifetime and this has been my best experience. One will greatly appreciate the professional skills of Dr. Gopal. Looks like Lady Luck was on my side and would not hesitate to refer others to Dr. Gopal’s practice.”

Robert Y.

“I have always enjoyed the personal and professional approach practiced by this office. I can’t think of one time when something was amiss! Keep doing what you’re doing — it’s all great! I would have no problem recommending anyone to you!”

Rick E.

“This office has always done great work. Thank you Premier Dental.”

Frederick K.

“Thanks to all of you, I lost my fear of the dentist since my first visit. I actually look forward to coming, because the entire staff is so friendly and personable. I know that if I have concerns or questions, that anyone in the office will be able to assist me.”

Kristin Q.

“My dentist is great. And the office staff is wonderful. I am telling everyone to come here.”

Maria N.

“My name is Helen. As a young girl, I went to the dentist, he touched a nerve and after that I could not make myself go to the dentist. I needed a root canal at age 75 years, so I had to go to a dentist. I found Dr. Gopal, and she is a very kind, understanding person. If I had found her sooner, I would not have had the fear of visiting a dentist. I cannot say enough as to how wonderful she is.”

Helen V.

“Premier Dental is a relaxing and pain free environment with caring professionals.”

Brian M.

“Dr. Gopal was able to give me anesthesia just right. Usually, other dentists gave it to me four times, but Dr. Gopal got it just right.”

Enid M.

“Dr. Gopal’s office just makes me feel so welcome and it smells so nice. She is knowledgeable and entertaining on a variety of subjects. She makes me feel relaxed and comfortable and always has time to answer any questions I have.”

Carolyn C.

What a great experience!
The entire staff was friendly and welcoming, yet also professional, attentive and efficient. They evaluated my dental issues and presented me with options for treatment, clearly explaining the pros and cons of my available choices. I chose a rather expensive avenue, and they were able to offer (with very little hassle) interest free 12 month financing using a third party financing company. I have no problem paying for quality work, and at no time did I sense financial motivation behind their recommendations. Once we agreed on a course of action, they got right to work. This process was as pleasant as dental work can be, albeit inevitably UN-pleasant, as is the nature of dental work. There was minimal down-time, and they showed genuine concern for my comfort.
Overall.. A+++. I wish more businesses were run like this one.

Rob P.

Ok so I'm probably the biggest coward when it comes to going to the Dentist. Well after my experience yesterday that all changed. From my first phone call making my appointment. Michelle took all my information n insurance information. Mailed me my paperwork .Made me feel less stressed. Then once I got to my appointment. Was taken in before my time slot. My dental assistance Charlene made me feel comfortable right from the start. Very friendly staff and the Dentist herself was right on and took her time and explain what steps we will go. All I can say I never miss a dentist appointment again. Amazing staff. Hands down best experience ever

Ray S.
Delran NJ

Positively the best! “I highly recommend Premier Dental for both cosmetic and general dentistry needs. Dr. Gopal is wonderful and the quality of dentistry is superb! She has a great eye for esthetics and she takes considerable time to explain procedures and discuss options. The entire staff is very professional and friendly. For the first time in my life, I can say that I LOVE going to the dentist!”

Carleen N.

Premier Dental has changed my life in such positive way. I have a million dollar smile! No one can beat that. I can't thank the team enough. They made my dental experience an enjoyable one.

Cyndi R.

“I would like to say a big “Thank You” to Dr. Gopal and all of her staff for giving me something to smile about. All of my life I was always very embarrassed about my teeth. My parents stopped taking me to the dentist when I was told I was going to need braces. With four kids, my father couldn’t afford it. As I got older I was ashamed to go and get them fixed. Well, finally one day I received a card in the mail from Premier Dental, so I called. The staff welcomed me with open arms. The pain was minimal and the results were breath taking. Thanks again to the friendly, courteous staff and Dr. Gopal. It has been a wonderful experience with you that I will remember every time I look in the mirror.”

Donna M.

“That was the best root canal I ever had!”

Yvonne T.

Premier Dental staff are all wonderful people. They introduced me to Six Month Smiles braces which changed my life for the better. They are very accommodating and professional. Best dentist I have ever been to.

Briana O.

“I am really loving my smile now. I love Dr. Gopal. She never hurts me.”

Marion M.

“Always a positive experience at Premier Dental. Staff is courteous, friendly, professional, and most of all competent. Been coming to this office for 15 years and have referred family and friends. Always seen at my appointed time too!”

Susan D.

Smile For Everyone! “I actually enjoy going to the dentist– at Premier Dental. Everyone greets me with a smile, regardless of the time of day. It is a professional, yet friendly atmosphere. Work done is always top notch for me and my family.”

Earl W.

Best Dental Office
“Dr. Gopal and her staff strive to make your experience a pleasant one, and they smile at every turn. From their courteous front desk, to their caring dental assistant, and their billing department, you can count on professional, courteous assistance. Dr. Gopal is a wonderful dentist – she has a very lighthearted personality while at the same time, she’s very professional and serious in her approach to dental care. I feel welcomed and supported from the moment I enter the office to the time I leave. I would recommend Dr. Gopal’s office to anyone seeking a refreshing change of pace in the conventional experience.”

Susan P.

“I always used to be so nervous going to the dentist! But I found Dr. Gopal and her wonderful staff. Dr. Gopal makes me so at ease and she knows when I’m nervous and she talks to me the whole time to me about everything under the sun to make me feel relaxed. I like going there and all the girls and Peter make me feel like family. Dr. Gopal’s skills are top of the line. I now have beautiful teeth on one side with no metal fillings.”

Kathleen J.

Outstanding Dental Care “I have been a patient for a number of years. Premier Dental is OUTSTANDING! Numerous procedures done and all painless! Thanks to entire staff. I have no problem when I need to go for an appointment. Bottom line: Best dental office EVER!”

Dianne N.

“Admittedly, I was fearful of the Dentist. Luckily, I chose Premier Dental several years ago when I could no longer ignore the dental work I needed. I am always treated professionally and with respect. When I was without dental insurance, the office worked with me and provided options. I have referred several of my family members and coworkers and have never heard a negative remark about Premier Dental or any of the staff. I now look forward to keeping my dental appointments and the best possible smile.”

Barbara F.

Great service. Everyone is pleasant “Going to the dentist is not one of my favorite things to do. However, the staff at Premier Dental do their best to make me feel comfortable throughout the entire experience. If I have questions, I never hesitate to ask because I know the staff members are knowledgeable and willing to discuss the procedure and the equipment they use. I have been to several dentists in the past and Dr. Gopal is by far the best!”

Tersina D.

“I have always had outstanding and professional care here at Premier Dental. The Doctor and her staff are a great team. I am always told what my options are no matter what the circumstances. I will always recommend my friends and family because of the great care given here.”

Tommy W.

“I no longer fear the dentist! I have found the right one and with a staff that is without a doubt ALWAYS friendly, helpful and happy. I have never waited more than 10 minutes to be in the chair and the work started. This is my last stop as far as searching for a good place to have my teeth taken care of. No question.”

Matt C.

“Yours is a dental office that combines friendliness, genuine care for patients’ needs and professionalism.”

David C.

“Wouldn’t go anywhere else. It is not easy to find a dentist like you. We moved and now live 40 minutes away from Premier Dental, but I would not consider going elsewhere. The staff is always smiling, friendly, helpful, and seems to enjoy their job. Makes going to the dentist so much better!”

Marisa B.

Dr. Gopal and her office staff were so friendly and inviting that I immediately felt comfortable and confident in their professional opinions regarding the corrections needed to alter my smile. She did a fantastic job. The commitment was minimal and cost very reasonable.

I am thrilled with the results! I would recommend Dr. Gopal's team for all dental needs without any hesitation.

Nancy V.

I have been through the long struggle of fixing my teeth, after going 6 years.... with having not been to a dentist because I had bad childhood experiences and have always had a fear and severe anxiety when going, this has been my go to Dental office. I'm not afraid, always feel at home and at ease when I am here. I trust everyone here from Hema to the hygienists, assistants, and receptionists. Before I found them, at another dental office they had to give me Halcion to knock me out for even a root canal because I was freaking out... to go from that to where I am actually looking forward to go to my dental office and get work done is amazing. I've never kept up on my teeth because of bad experiences and feeling uncomfortable. I will truly miss this office so much when I move to Germany and wish I could just take everyone here with me. You will not find a better office of people that aren't just working to work, but working in a field they are passionate in, and where they TRULY care about your wellbeing and comfort.

Rachael Mendow

“Awesome group of people! My best dental experience ever … will highly recommend to friends, and family.”

D. S.

“Every member of your staff is highly competent and you always treat me like a special guest. I always tell everyone you are the best.”

Karen W.

“Dr. Gopal and her staff are truly extraordinary. They are caring, understanding of your needs and take great pride in what they do. I highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking a good and caring dentist.”

Nelsida I.

“Dr. Gopal replaced my missing teeth. They look so natural!”

David G.

“I LOVE every employee here. They are very friendly and make the trip to the dentist not as dreadful as it used to be for me. Definitely the best dentist I have ever been to!”

Jennifer O.

“Very professional! The staff is very accommodating. They make you feel comfortable. I’ve had fillings, cleanings, root canals and crowns and I have had no problems and my whole family comes to this office. I highly recommend them.”

Michael H.

“My name is Cathy. I was petrified to have anything done because I hadn’t had a cavity since 1979. But, my experience at Premier Dental was wonderful. Everyone was nice and put me at ease right away. I definitely recommend going through with whatever treatment needs to be done. It is a great experience and I am no longer afraid of the dentist.”

Cathy D.

“Having been concerned about my dental hygiene all my life, I want to stress how important it is to take good care of our teeth. Checks ups every 6 months and following Dr. Hema Gopal’s plan for our dental care is very important to me and should be to everyone. My mother had upper and lower dentures and always complained about them, confirming my above statement to take good care of your teeth. We are in very good professional care here at Dr. Hema Gopal’s office.”

Ed K.

“I think that Dr. Gopal and staff are great people who make every effort to put people at ease. It’s the little things that really go a long way. When I came back for my second appointment, I was really impressed because even though my name is not pronounced the way people think, everyone greeted me by my name correctly. Thank you for your outstanding commitment to excellence.”

Janice S.

“My experience at Premier Dental has surpassed my expectation! Dr. Gopal and the staff are courteous, caring and professional. The staff from the initial visit had a friendly, caring demeanor that eases the anxiety. The office itself physically is arranged for comfort and warmth.

Finances were explained and followed thoroughly by Jennifer. Cathleen, the dental assistant, who was with me during the majority of my visits, always helped me through every step of the procedures with patience and explanation.

Dr. Gopal is very thorough and explained and answered all my concerns. She is the “bomb!” I also like her nurturing nature – a plus for dentistry! I would recommend Premier Dental with gusto!”

Julie A.

For years, I wore the standard partial with the typical hooks and connecting strip. It felt very unnatural and it got to the point where it wasn’t something I would use. Dr. Gopal proposed a solution, which used a new material. I feel extremely happy with the comfort level and look of this new partial.

Diane R

“My children (ages 5 & 8 years old), my husband, and I come to Premier Dental for the past 1 ½ years. We’ve been extremely pleased with Dr. Gopal and her staff. They are courteous, friendly and provide excellent care. They make coming to the dentist as pleasant as it can be. Even my kids look forward to coming!”

Laura P.

“People say when something is bad that it is not as bad as a root canal. But actually a root canal was not that bad at Premier Dental!”

Lynnea S.

It was a pleasure “The office took care of me quickly and was very helpful, kind and compassionate. I got a cavity taken care of and I didn’t feel any pain at all. I would highly recommend!”

Angela B.

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