Relieving Dental Anxiety

We know that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist. In fact, you may have dental anxiety. Fortunately, Dr. Hema Gopal from Premier Dental and the rest of our caring team in our Bordentown, NJ dentist office can calm the nerves of even the most anxious patients. Dr. Gopal is one of the trusted dentists in Bordentown, NJ because of her outstanding services, she was featured and interviewed on The Wellness Hour for WMCN TV.

At Premier Dental, we’ll help you put your dental anxiety behind you! Call 609-298-1124 for an appointment.

Causes of Dental Anxiety

Fear of pain is perhaps the biggest cause of dental anxiety. Other causes include:

Three Ways To Beat Dental Anxiety

At Premier Dental, top-notch Bordentown, NJ dentist address all of those concerns in three ways:

A big part of patient-focused care is thoroughly discussing your treatment plan with you. We never want you to feel you don’t know what is going on or end up surprised by an outcome. Trusted Bordentown, NJ dentist Dr. Gopal patiently explains every dental procedure.

We make you comfortable with soft pillows in our care rooms. We also offer TVs and headsets for listening to music, both of which can make your treatment seem to go by more quickly!

We use the latest dental technology to keep our procedures as painless as possible. Some examples:

Less Nervous With Inhaled Sedation

We also offer dental sedation with inhaled sedation to calm your nerves. We use it because:

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from the Bordentown, NJ dentist. Call Premier Dental at 609-298-1124 to see how stress-free a visit to the dentist can be! Or use our online form.


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