Stay Safe While Playing Sports With A Custom Athletic Mouthguard

June 23, 2017

Premier Dental and Dr. Gopal want you and your active family members to have a blast while taking on the competition this season. We also want you to protect your smile! That’s why we offer custom athletic mouthguards as part of our extensive general dentistry services at our Bordentown, NJ office.

Even if you’re just playing with friends at the park, there’s always the chance you could take a serious hit. A blow to the face can result in major dental issues, and we want to make sure your teeth are as fortified as possible while you’re in action.

We also insist that you consider custom mouthguards for a variety of other physical activities. Horseback riding, ATV riding, cycling, and even jogging can potentially lead to an oral injury. To save you time, pain, and money, we want to discuss creating a custom athletic mouthguard for you.

Teeth grinding – or “bruxism” – can also cause serious damage to your teeth. If you grind your teeth during the day or suspect you may be doing so in your sleep, a customized mouthguard can do wonders to prevent pain and save your smile.

If you have recently suffered a dental accident, contact us right away at 609-298-1124. Please see more about our dental emergency services below.

The Importance Of Having A Professionally Made Mouthguard

You can find “one-size-fits-all” or “customizable” mouthguards at most nearby drugstores and grocery stores. The trouble with these seemingly simple products is that the manufacturer does not KNOW your smile.

Store-bought mouthguards often promise that they can be molded to fit your teeth. But these quick-fix guards can become uncomfortable and ineffective over time. The last thing you need while focusing on your performance is the distraction of an ill-fitting mouthguard.

At Premier Dental, we can use swift and painless digital X-rays to evaluate the condition of your entire mouth. Based on these crystal-clear images, we can better create the most effective mouthguard for you.

We will also determine if your mouthguard requires any adjustments during your regular dental cleanings and exams.

Once you have your custom mouthguard, we’ll provide tips on how to keep it in excellent shape and safe to use. It’s really just a matter of cleaning it with soap and water (cold or warm, not hot) and letting it air dry. If you do notice any irregularities with your mouthguard, contact us ASAP.

Caring For Any Existing Dental Injuries

If you have suffered an oral injury due to physical trauma, Dr. Gopal and the rest of us at Premier Dental are here to help.

We offer:

Restorative Dentistry – If a tooth has been damaged, we will do our best to save it. A customized crown can save your tooth and shield it from further trauma. However, a replacement tooth may be necessary if a tooth can’t be saved or has been completely knocked out. Depending on your mouth’s condition, we will provide either a dental implant or dental bridge to return your smile to normal.

Family Dentistry – Teenagers can hit life hard, especially when they’re trying to do the best for their team. We’re ready to provide restorative dentistry in the event of an accident, as well as orthodontics for teen smiles. There are two benefits to having young athletes fitted for a custom mouthguard: first, we can perform an exam to determine if orthodontics are necessary, and if so, we can create a mouthguard that works in tandem with orthodontic treatment.

Oral Surgery – A tooth may have been too damaged from a collision to remain in place. We will always try to save your natural tooth, but an extraction may be necessary to save your smile. We’ll also discuss your tooth replacement options.

Premier Dental Ensures Your Comfort

During any restorative dentistry or extraction procedure, we’ll take care to numb affected areas of your mouth so you never feel pain. We also provide nitrous oxide sedation upon request to help you fully relax.

While we work, you can watch TV, listen to music on our headphones, ask for extra pillows, or ask our soothing staff members for anything else you need.

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Dr. Gopal wants you and your family to use customized athletic mouthguards to stay safe and confident during any activity. Call 609-298-1124 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment at our Bordentown, NJ office!

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